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Falafel Street Carts

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Hello everyone, I would really apreciate it if anyone could help me out in starting my falafel business.

I want to sell it in a street cart and I have never seen one. I'm trying to get info in the net but there are no fotos ore info on the cart.

Also, I have quite a few more questions about running a street cart type business like keeping the food (for exapmle, hummus and babaganush are good at natural temperature right?, how can I sell it like that without spoilling it?).

Also, how can I make/preserve large quantites of falafel mix, hummus, babaganush, tabule??? It will all be home made.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!! Xavier.:chef:
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quite a undertaking

i have never seen such a cart where you could make all of these things happen. one of your main issues is the fryer. i don't know of any mobile carts on the market with a fryer,,,,, probably a safety issue, you would probably have to go to a larger kiosk type stand which has to remain stationary, i shall look arround for you now have me curious,,, let me know if you find anything.
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Hello sanchoxavier, and welcome to Chef Talk.

Where in the world are you? Is the weather mild year-round, or are you going to be freezing in winter? Do you have to get a license where you live, and be open to sanitation inspections? Is felafel a new food where you live, or will you have lots of competition?

Just a few questions. All can be answered and difficulties overcome with patience. I hope there's someone here with similar experience who can add valuable insights.
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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My message was posted in Falafel Continues by mistake!!! Sorry.
Hope to hear from you, Xavier.
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Hello, has anyone made falafel with chickpeas that are soaked only(not boiled). Aren't they raw? I made them last night but the mix wasn't right. Maybe becoudse I only use a blender, not a food procesor. A friend told me the CP had to be boiled but I've red that they don't have to be cooked. Any help????
Bye, Xavier.:bounce:
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dried chick peas can be used after soaking them for at least 12 hours,,,, there is a distinct flavor difference between dried and boiled. i prefer boiled for hummus and dried for falafel.
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Yes, that must be one of the differences of the falafel I ate in Barcelona and the ones I'm makeing at home so far. Last change, I put bulgar wheat and it was great, soon I'll try with soaked CP and puting backing powder, that will make the difference , it will be even better, I'm sure!:lips:
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hi there sancho,
well here in the Philippines we have carts roaming the streets that sell just about anything you can imagine. the venders do the frying in a wok supported over a propane burner, i have often thought it looks dangerous but never heard of any mishaps. they also keep products on ice in a cooler or you could try dry ice. if you live in a country that has any kind of food health laws you can forget about this idea though.

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This site might help you get pointed in the right direction.

If you tell us where you're located, we can better help you find information...
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