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I would like to start foraging (sp?) for mushrooms someday and would like to know what mushroom ID books are good.

Any suggestions?

Also... if I wanted to "grow" my own mushrooms...how do I do this?
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Not personally sure about books to recommend for you but here are some you can browse: mushroom books.

As for growing your own, there are plenty of places that sell kits in different forms for several varieties of mushrooms. Look here for mushroom kit information.

I am growing oyster mushrooms myself at the moment. They're a joy to watch grow.

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This is my most used book...
best I've found...

by David Arora

THE book to have.
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What company did you get your mushroom stuff from?

I was thinking of going through this company


what do you think?
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Or i was thinking about this site:


I just do not know what to look for and what is a reasonable price to pay.
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Though books are a great starting point, your best bet is to find someone that forages often, to help you learn how to locate and identify mushrooms.
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Ditto what Pete said.....the best thing to do is look for NAMA groups or go to local parks that have rangers and classes (our MO chapter has beginner forays. there are not too many things that look like a chanterelle, but if your hunting it is always best to be 100% sure of what your eating. and I would even then have a small bite wait a day and see how your body reacts. I have a friend with a shiitake farm that sells mushroom logs....Ozark Forest Mushrooms, Nicola Hellmuth 314 531 9935 is her phone if you want to get a shiitake log. As with anything the medium you use to grow shrooms on matters the toliet paper roll shiitakes are different thatn the log grown.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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