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[QUOTE=CompassRose]One of my cats (out of the four) has breathing problems, which become far more pronounced when he's fed commercial food.

Therefore, I feed all my cats the "I'd Do Anything For My Cat" diet out of The New Natural Cat.


My 21+ year old kitty needs to have a low protein low phosphorous diet. Any good recipes in that book you'd care to share?

One I found by a vet on the internet made with canned water tuna, white rice, a Tums, 1/2 vitamin pill, 2 TBSP fishoil, and Lite Salt had only the TUna eaten out of it. I processed it the second time to mix the tuna in better, and none of it got eaten!

Our younger cat, now deceased due to traffic, used to not only chase spiders, she'd eat them all up too.

Best mouser we ever had.

Loved to chase and retrieve rubber balls.

Miss that kitty big time.