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Julie/Julia Project

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Sorry if I haven't been around much, I got addicted to reading the Julie/Julia Project blog, and it took up all my online time for a few months!

Good to be back though, amongst this interesting crowd & happy band.

Who else has been following it? For those who don't know, Julie Powell is a self-taught cook, who has been cooking her way through the whole of the 1967 edition of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in just 365 days, which is a LOT of shopping and cooking for someone with a full time job living in long Island City. I don't know how she managed it, but she completed her challenge last week but you can read her posts at salon.com.

Can't believe no-one's posted on it from here (according to my searches anyway, which turned up zero results).

It was a bit like following Kyle's breadmaking odyssey, with a few more disasters! She's a great writer, and it's well worth checking out for a blast of real-life cooking in contrast to the smooth jazz of most cookery books & writing.

Julie Powell has recently been on a few TV shows in the States so you may have seen her there.

I recommended Cheftalk to everyone there so you may have seen a few new members recently!

Anyway, a sunny hello-again from London to everyone here.

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Julie/Julia Project

I;ve been following it for months and it inspired me to get out my copy of MtFAoFC and start thinking about meals for when the weather gets a bit cooler. It was thro' her Blog that I learned of Truffle Flour - got some - now need recipes to use it in.
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I think many of us have been reading it but as it had been profusely discussed on other food boards, nothing got started here.

I for one started reading Julia's blog and became so addicted that I had to quit her cold turkey and never look back. It was consuming too much of my time! She gave me some laughs though and I wish her much success.
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