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Butter Question

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Hi there! I'm trying to make some cookies, from a recipe I recently read. My question is about butter. On the recipe, there are two kinds of butter ingredients:
1- Butter softened. This one I know. ( At room temperature)

2- Butter Shortening. What is shortening?

Thank you for replying.
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Here, the most popular brand of shortening is Crisco. It's hydrogenated vegetable oil.
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Crisco also has a "Butter Shortening" Product, it's right next to the regular shortening containers at the grocery store with primarily yellow packaging.

You can check out the Crisco Web Site for more information.
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Can I substitute shortening, whit vegetable grease? Or is it the same?
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Without the recipe, it would be too difficult to make suggestions. There are obviously issues in cooking and flavor involved...

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