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Portable hot plates

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Has anyone used this hot plate before? It's portable and only $30. I want to get two of them for what will possibly be a one time job (flambe station for a 100-person party). I don't want to lug anything huge around or put down too much money since I'm not sure if I will get a lot of requests for this or not. I thought of trying to rent something, but I can't find anywhere that rents equipment like that.

Any other suggestions?
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have used these many times for omelet, sautee station, etc...
they work well for the most part, just keep extra fuel cells on hand
cuz they don't last long. Problems usually arise from the fuel locking mechanism not seating the cartidge properly or clogged burners after spills.
You may want to check the Asian restaurant supply houses or markets in your area for these. I can find them for $15-20 around here.

hth, danny
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Thanks for the tip! We have a decent Chinatown here in Philly. I'll go take a look.
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