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i need to strike gold!

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I am making a cookie bouquet for someone who won a Grammy award. the award is a gold gramophone on a black base.
My goal here is to make a all gold gramophone preferably with shine. Any suggestions?

I have tried to mix food gel coloring to make a gold but it comes out more orange than gold. Has anyone achieved a gold color?

I just discovered gold luster dust. I thought this would be better since it would give that shiny award look!?
But the label says for decoration only. Is this safe to use since the majority of the cookie in this case would need to be gold? What is better liquid or the powder? Can I mix it in my icing recipe like regular colors or is it just for accents only?
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why not use edible gold leaf???
hth, danny
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i have not used edible gold leaf before. i did a quick search and it may be too expensive for this project since i already needed to purchase large musical instrument cutters. i live in california and the places i found would not ship here! i will have to call around to local shops to see if they carry it. it would be cool though.

could you tell me how to use it? does it come out smooth or is it krinkled? i planned on putting a side view of a gramophone inside a circle since that is the grammy logo. i guess i would need to create a stencil of a gramophone and cut out the gold leaf?
Thanks Dano!
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i think michaels may actually have gold leaf.....lemme check it out.
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Sorry don't see anything on Michael's website. try sysco, us foods, etc for a c.o.d. order. Or specialty stores- Bavarian Specialty in Carson or Van Rex, maybe Made in France....or talk to your local baker to order maybe....
hth, danny
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Edible gold leaf comes in thin sheets, the size of PostIt Notes. They do crinkle easily, so you have to be VERY gentle when using it. I wish I could remember where I used to buy it, but it's been awhile. I'm sure if you run a search, you'll find a place that sells it.

Gold luster dust is used for superficial decorating--not mixing in! There are 2 kinds: a yellowy costume jewelry tone (I believe it's referred to as Super Gold), and a rich bronzy gold. CK products sells the Super Gold in 6 oz. jars, but I think the richer tone only comes in small vials, for about $5 a shot. The dusts are used by dissolving in clear liquor, and painting onto the surface.
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