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A week ago, my brother was having dinner with some friends when they happened to mention that my web site was mentioned in a food magazine they were reading. My brother didn’t think too much of it, assuming that I aready knew about the mention. Yesterday, we were talking and I asked him to go back to his friends and get more information — like which magazine and what issue — it was all news to me. Today he emailed me to say that they couldn’t remmember the name of the magazine, but they said that it was about 7 inches square and had a picture of Jamie Oliver on the cover. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Sorry I couldn't help..

Have you found what you were looking for? Do share with us; I would love to see the article in question. You certainly deserve some good press!
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Hi Anneke,

Welcome back from France. I hear the weather in Toronto is improving...

The article turned out to be a short blurb in a San Francisco magazine (that I had never heard of) called 7x7. The blurb was written by Bruce Cole, owner and author of sautewednesday.com. This is what he wrote:

And then on February 29th I woke to find that my site was the Yahoo! Pick for that day causing my daily traffic to increase 10-fold:

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How nice!

There's a french word to describe what they're both trying to say: Votre site, M.Bouland est très SYMPATIQUE! In fact, I find it captures everything that is so wonderful about the French culinary spirit.

Let me know if you ever need translation help. I'll be happy to assist.
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