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Right now I'm a cook at The Cheesecake Factory and before then I was a short order cook at a southwest type of place.

Tim, the reason I asked about those places is b/c that's where the Cheesecake Factory's are in New York. I'm thinking about maybe working at one of them one or two days a week to keep my foot in the door. We'll see
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:D Nicko and I just got back from visiting the CIA. I have one word: amazing. What a school. I've never seen such a wealthy school in my life. I wish I had the opportunity and means to attend the continuing education school. CIA has every amenity available: 4 professional restaurants (we tried 3 of the 4 and they were excellent) which are all student run. One of which is an Italian restaurant which looks like a Tuscan Villa, and has a huge Italian herb garden in the back which you can walk through and sit by the fountain. There are 2 chandeliers in the restaurant made of hand blown glass imported from Venice which we were told are valued at $30,000 each. There's a prosciutto slicer in the front of the house, and diners can watch the student chefs in action - we were told that it was donated and is valued at $6,000.00. There is a brand new health club facility containing a full gym, swimming pool, and clay tennis courts which overlook the Hudson River, where you can then walk to the Courtside Cafe and sip a cool drink under an umbrella on the large deck which also overlooks the Hudson River. The new dormatories look like Adirondack lodges and each have a gorgeous kitchen containing 2 Viking oven ranges. The whole campus looks like a resort. The school recently received a donation - its largest donation ever- of 4.7 million. The whole campus is under construction, using this donation. We heard from one of the professors that there is a possibility of the school purchasing land across the street for the purpose of building and opening a hotel management school. The Hyde Park area is gorgeous. Past President FDR's home is nearby, one of the Vanderbilt mansions is nearby, a town called Rhinebeck is nearby and is lovely. It looks like a quaint Vermont or Door County WI town. No wonder it's $50 k for an associate's degree from this school! What a wonderful experience it was to visit the CIA.
"If even lowly bacteria - who are at the bottom of the food chain - won't eat trans fats, then why do humans?"
"If even lowly bacteria - who are at the bottom of the food chain - won't eat trans fats, then why do humans?"
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I got a phone call from the admissions rep yesterday and they informed that I got in!! :bounce: :bounce:

So I'll be starting sometime after Christmas. I'm super excited!!
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Well this is my first post, hopefully not my last,

I'm a graduate of 03, and loved every minute of it. After working with several graduates from many differant schools I can tell you, what you recieve at the CIA is incredible compared to what I find other students recieve.

That bar across the street. The Hobnobbin! yep left there many times stumbling. Even got drunk with Anthony Bourdain there.

How's lake Veloute doing Tim? gonna throw your peeler in there when you graduate?

You went out mushroom hunting with Proffesor Stein eh? He's crazy, but he's awesome! I had him for product knowledge as well.

Have you had the pleasure of working with Chef Pardus? he was mentioned quite extensivley in "The Making of a Chef" I had him, and he loved our class, I use to email him, probably need to send him one soon

anyway I'm happy to be aboard. I'm also a regular on Chef2Chef. hope everyone is well!
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I have another question. I applied for Winter session, now do I pick my actual start date or do they do that for me?
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They have new classes starting every three weeks or so, depending on how many students are coming in you may or may not have a precise choice. but you can always postpone the one they give you for a later date. I got to choose mine, so more than likely you'll have a set of start dates to choose from, but your schedule is set. You have a group and your classes are laid out for you. So you don't go register for certain classes like a regular college.
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To be honest man, they actually put in a really nice multi-level waterfall on the "back"-side of it that's towards Roth Hall. It looks really good, I must say, though a little out of place.
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prospective cia student (chicago)

Is there someone here from the Chicago CIA school?

I am looking for certifcations / assoc. degree type stuff.

Can you help separate out CIA from the list of CHIC, Kendal, Robert Morris and other community colleges, that have similar courses.
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There's no CIA campus in Chicago. The two campuses are in Hyde Park, NY and in Napa Valley, CA.
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