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To be a good Chef passion is everything. Yes like a lot of people have said you need to be a good cook, understand of the position, nerves, able to handle different personalities etc. But passion drives everything you need to be successful. I have been very fortunate to have worked with a lot of great chefs when I served as assistant under the late Jean Louis Palladin. And if it was one thing all these Chefs had in was passion. To be able to stand next to a Chef like Jean Louis and watch what was in his heart flow through his hands onto to the plate...believe would definitely understand its meaning and how it relates to being a good Chef...if you believe in yourself and your ability and are passionate about being a Chef...your team will quickly sense that without you even having to ask them to follow...

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MY Idea of a great chef is one that has earned his merrits by working himself up the ranks, and truly values the hard work of his brothers in the kitchen evrything else is secondary.
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Quite frankly, this was the perfect "basic" answer..."to me, if you want to be a good Chef, you first have to be a good cook."

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Thank you tis will help me alot!:roll:

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You need a level head and the ability to handle pressure, patients, good time keeping and be able to move around for a lot of hours with little breaks, be able to improvise and being creative is a good quality to have as cooking is an art in it's own way (that's what they say anyway lol as it takes a lot of practice like painting). You have to be sure you want to do this too though as it's a lot of work and you will be serving a lot of dishes during each day and if one thing goes wrong everything can go wrong unless you can turn it around, sometimes ingredients is missing so you can to make something out of what you've got.

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Today's "Chefs" go to school for three months, learn to spread butter on a bread and get a piece of paper telling them they are "Chefs" now, what a waste of time, there are many many cooks with no school that know more than those "graduated" Chefs, to become a Chef it takes years, no months or weeks, you have to start sweeping, floors, washing dishes and pots, polishing cookware, learning on the job chemistry, works around a kitchen;bake shop, pastry, garde manger,saute, broiler,butcher,ice carving, and all the related inside jobs, not learning in three weeks or months and presto Mr. Chef the butter spreader, you start around 12-15 years old and around 25-30 you become a sous Chef, and then start moving up, today's chefs???, hahahahahahaha , cook helpers they are.

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emmbai!, patients ????? as in a hospital ???? or patience like in a stressful kitchen environment, no wonder you are not chef yet!

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Good grammer includes run on sentences, Chef Proust!
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very true

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i love that!

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Hey from "kid" to "kid" I am also young. I am 19 year old and second semester of culinary school. I thought like you also "Do I have what it takes?" "Will I ever make it?" "What does it take?" Yea, when i was trying to choose my field after high school i thought that also. I knew I LOVED cooking (yes I still do). If you can read the worst of the worst about what happens in kitchens, the hours of labor and all of that. If you still think to yourself "Yea, I think cooking is worth it I can handle it" Then to me, you have what it takes. Only you will know if you have it what it takes. Best of luck! 

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”- Julia Child 
“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”- Julia Child 
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A strong back
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There is a difference between having success and being successful. For me, being a chef was an easy choice because I have a love and passion for food that burns inside me. This passion was just yearning to get out. I did not originally know that this fire and passion existed inside me - I thought this was just a fondness for food. It turned out to be much more. You can't go anywhere now without food being incorporated somehow. When thinking about becoming a chef, you must consider if you have the drive and passion. Being a chef demands these key elements.

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100% !!!!!!!

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Hi I'm a fourty year old cook and I want to be a chef by the time I'm fifty possibly run my own restaurant but for now I work under a chef in a cafeteria during the day and I work the show grill line by night at a buffet in my home town. My day job will pay for some of my culinary education and I'm gonna pursue that very soon. My question is what can I study for now to get me better prepared for school
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