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Buying bulk ingredients

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Hello everyone, I have just joined moments ago. I make wedding cakes at a small bakery and this fall, I'll be making my friend's wedding cake on my own. I'd like to know if there is a way to buy bulk cake flour and really good dutch cocoa. The only items I can find come in small canisters. I will need several pounds of each since this will be a fairly large cake. IS there a website that would sell bulk items to non-business owners like me? I've been searching like crazy on the internet and my local stores. Can't find anything! What are your suggestions? Thank you in advance :chef:
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could you ask that small bakery to help you out for that one time, they probably buy in bulk in most areas but maybe not? Do any of your friends own restaurants or bakeriesor work in them? thats where i get alot of my stuff.
Hope I helped

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Thank you!

I found a website called 1800gourmet.com that sells 50# bags of cake flour and Cocoa Barry X-Brut, which is exactly what I'm looking for. If anyone has had tried to buy from this site, do share your experiences please. Otherwise, I think I finally found what I'm looking for.
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Hi, to answer your question I have purchased items from them and had wonderful experience. They have just updated their site which makes navigating much easier and finally their wholesale site is up and running which I order all the time from. Customer Service is wonderful they were prompt when an item was out of stock and they gave an estimate of when they would receive another shippment and called to let me know they have shipped the out of stock item. You can have the option to hold or ship partial orders when things are out of stock. Give it a try and let me know your experience.

I'd give them a 8 with 10 being the highest

lilbit :)
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