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Sorry, just had to share...

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Le Cordon Bleu Minnesota, here I come! My start date is August 23rd and I'm so excited (and scared) I hardly know what to do with myself.

This is a pointless post; I just had to say something to someone who would appreciate it.

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I know how exciting it is!

I had the same, awesome, wonderful, *I have to tell everyone* feelings when I found out I was accepted into the Culinary School of Fort Worth! I start September 6th!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!
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Congratulations!! I hope you'll share all your experiences from school with us.
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Good luck and enjoy it.
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School is always exciting and scary prior to starting. But its a great experiance when you at your level going to a school specific to your interests unlike high school.
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Congratulations, and welcome. I started there a few months back. Your gonna love it!!
Carpe Diem Baby! Tempest Fugit!
Carpe Diem Baby! Tempest Fugit!
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Congratulations! I go to LCB Las Vegas. I love it! I hope you enjoy your experience!!
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Congrats. I also started 8/23 at the LCB in Austin. I like it so far, can't wait to get into the kitchen.
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