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piece of CAKE anyone?

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i know this question belongs in another forum but since this section gets a lot of traffic, i thought i would give it a try

first, i bought a very nice pastry tip set but i have no clue what all the tips do. can anyone help?

also, i was wondering if anyone knew any places that would sell a lot of cake supplies
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Wilton's books on cake design will have a few pages of these. But really your imagination and adeptness at piping will allow you to make other designs with the tips. You can practice with cheap toothpaste as it has a similar consistency with many frostings. What you can do is to find a book on borders and other piping skills. Practice with pencil and paper before you splurge on toothpaste. Piping is actually a skill that takes lots of practice. The more practice you put in with the pencil, the easier it will be to master piping with cornets and bags.

For cake supplies, I usually go to the Party Warehouse. I don't know why, but they have a huge selection of cake supplies, particularly for wedding cakes.
SmartGirl to the rescue!
SmartGirl to the rescue!
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In school our practice buttercream was sweetex & 10x

Have you gone to Sugar & Spice in Daly City or Spun Sugar in Berkeley?

Those are the only two I've found close to the city with decent cake supplies. :)
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why do you recomend using pencil and paper first?
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Hi Isaac,
I can recommend Sur La Table for any cake pans, pastry pans, decorating supplies, books, mags, et al. I do not know if you have this store where you're at. Check it out.

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