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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Fabrizio Colombi. I'm 17 and im starting college on Sep.7 at Johnson & Wales University as an ACCESS student. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru but my nationality is Italian. I took the decision to become a Chef during this past summer when one of my friends told me to visit the North Miami Campus and since i have always had such a big interest in that career i realised that it was what i wanted to be in life. What stared off as being the mini-chef on sunday dinners and dinners over at friend's houses is now becoming for me a dream come true.

My Plans for the future is to own my own restaurant and to get a minor in TV Production. Having both options available i could produce my own or someone else's TV Show with an original style.

I hope to meet new people that share my same interests! :chef:
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That's a fascinating story, fab - glad to have you aboard! It's refreshing to see someone so young taking a serious interest in a career as a chef. Much success to you in your studies and beyond! Looking forward to hearing of your progress!
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