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This thing of ours

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I left my job as a pastry chef about a month ago (long story). Since then, i must have sent about over 150 job aplications and been on about 50 job interviews. I've come to several conclusions.

1) Most offer less than interesting wages (9$CAN/hour). And some offered to declare half my pay while giving me the rest in cash... :eek:

2) Hotels arnt what they used to be. I remember a time when all the hotels had a pastry chef/department. Now, most of the ones i go to get their pastries from outside.

3) Loblaws is killing the Mom & Pop/ Small bakery (okay...maybe that sounds a bit dramatic :D ) When i was young, people would go to the butcher to get their meat, then swing by the bakers for their bread, stop by the cakeshop for pastries. In this age of "limited time", people prefer the "one-stop-shopping" provided by places such as loblaws.

All in all, i'm getting a little discouraged with my job hunt. Okay, i'll stop venting now.
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Pastry CHEFS making $9 Canadian an hour? That's about average, you say? And what is the maximum that a pastry chef can make? Maybe you should consider consulting instead.
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lest place i went yesterday offered me 9 to 10 $ an hour, stressing the 10$/hour would be if i prouved that my skills were in the heigher echalon. Got a tad depressed when i thought 15 years of hard work and sacrafice is worth 10$ to these people. Oh well, two more interviews tomorow...we'll see what happens.
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