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Tips for getting efficient faster? *newbie*

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I just started as a baker's assistant 2 weeks ago. I'm now expected every day to make 20 baked shells, 10-15 unbaked shells, 5 top crusts, atleast 20 pies (10+ cream pies & 10 fruit or custard) for the case in addition to special orders (a few a day), and 1000 large cut-out cookies. Oh, and making the pie & cookie doughs daily and pie fillings and whipped cream/ merangue. Any advice on how to get faster at this? I'm so disappointed that I'm not working up to expectations of my boss (who's really great).


thanks for all the help you can give me.


Anyone have an remedies to a shoulder that keeps popping from rolling lots of dough on a table too tall for me. (One of the bakers said it was probably calcium buildup) ouch :cry:
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Well, practise will really make you faster. Think about WHAT you need to do and what takes the fastest and what takes the longest and then prioratize. Also, multi tasking is key too. Maybe have a talk with your boss and ask them how to work on the issue. Maybe coming in a little early on your time so you can get everything done in a resonable amount of time.

hope this helps
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I hate to repeat the obvious, but you can't expect to move quickly until you're making tart shells in your sleep. PRACTICE, and your wish will come true. :)
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Don't get so caught up in your own work, that you neglect to watch what goes on around you. There's a lot to be learned from your co-workers.

(Watch, for example, how someone empties a bowl. Do they scoop out the contents bit by bit, with a spatula, or find a way to empty the whole, heavy batch at once? ) Small details like that can make all the difference.

Mise en place will also save you time. Get all your stuff ready ahead of time, so you're not scrambling around finding what you need at the last minute.

You will save yourself a ton of time here, by the way, if you post your question only once. This way, you won't have to lok for answers in 2 places. Organization is key!
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I agree it will take practice to know what works best. When I started my first job as a cook (the job I have right now) I had no idea how long everything would take so I didn't know how to prioritize. Once you know exactly where everything is, how long it will take to do everything, what you can kind of "forget about" for a while (not literally) while you move onto something else, and what things you can multitask, it will be a lot easier. It took me at least a month to really figure this out but maybe less for you since you have more specific goals. Using everything to its maximum will help, in other words, don't waste...wasted product is wasted time...
I am also very much so a newbie but I can say I have learned a LOT in the 7 months at this job.
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Hey joe. Dont worry, speed will come to you without you realising it until one day a new guy comes along, see's you work and say "wow, you're fast"! It's just something that comes along with practice. Sounds like you enjoy what you're doing and with that attitude, i would not worry one bit...you'll get it!
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