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Chaud Froid Sauce

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Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for chaud froid sauce? Not the old verson which calls for aspic gelee but rather gelatin.
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I have the ratio here if you want to make a gelatin strong enough for it.
its 10-12oz gelatin/gallon or 1.25-1.5oz/pint
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What is the purpose of your chaudfroid? It's interesting that someone asks because chaudfroid is not used much anymore, not even in the cold kitchen.

For glazing you can use anywhere between 8oz to 16oz gelatin per gallon of water.

If you're using chaudfroid for the bottom of trays, then 4oz/gallon will do. If you're actually making sauce then you make a double thick sauce, then add 1/4 part gelatin mixture. Techinque here is more important than recipe. If you're good you can do it with a very lightly gelled chaudfroid.
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Can you take me through the steps of glazing food like vegetables and terrines? I havent done it since school and that was a long time ago!
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There's only one step. Stab it with a toothpick and dip it in your aspic. Then stick the other end on a styrofoam block and allow it to gel.

For larger cuts like galantines do it like you coat a cake. First put it on a rack, ladle your warm chaudfroid over the cut. Save the excess chaudfroid and scrape it back into your warm chaudfroid. Rewarm if necessary. Allow to gel in refrigerator. Do another coat if you need to. Always finish with a thin clear coat of aspic. This you apply with pastry brush.

Edit: There's a reason why you don't see this done much anymore. Once you do it a few times you will understand. :) Nevertheless, it's an art every cook should learn. More important is it teaches you how to bone a bird or some other whole carcass, teaches you how to make stock and use "everything but the squeal of the pig."
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