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'Cheesecake Help!

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I am new to this post, I hope I am doing this right...

I have heard that one can freeze cheesecakes, so I tried. I have one of those old type freezers, without the self-defrost, I tried to wrap the cheesecake with saran wrap then freezing it. This left a thin layer of frost in spots. I tried freezing without wrapping, but I noticed tiny cracks on the surface. Does any one have any suggestions on how to do this successfully?

I would be very grateful for any suggestion.

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From what I understand, as the cake cools, moisture evaporates. If cooled quickly, the moisture escapes quickly, not allowing the cake solids to expand gradually thus creating these cracks. So let it cool slowly with no cold drafts. Also, when you froze it with the saran wrap did you keep the wrap right on the surface? I imagine that any moisture would freeze between the cake surface and the wrap, causing the frost. Keep the wrap touching the cake when you're freezing it.
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