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Would these people be losers or what?

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I lost a job a few weeks ago. The place "downsized" their main location and the smaller 2nd location is all that remains. I did not work there quite long enough to qualify for unemployment benefits. My previous employer let me go when they went out of business last January. Locally we've had a lot of places close, but a ton of chains come to town.
I accepted a job that is still an hourly position of a chain, but is kind of like being the foreman. Not my ideal job, but a job. That doesn't start for another month...
In the meantime, I work for some real losers. A bar that opened a grill. I'm the third cook in as many months...
Here in NY there is something called the indoor clean air act. Basically it means no smoking except at home, no exceptions. Not only do these people ignore this, the owners smoke as I'm cutting steaks and chicken right next to me. I find this gross. I've run about 300 lbs of chicken wings, fries, onion rings, mozzaralla sticks, etc through a 40 lb fryer the past three weeks. No filter. No change the oil. Not allowed. Nothing is cooked, but it looks overdone... I can't see whats in the basket when it is in the oil. It is gross. Most of the time the fryer is off. I am only allowed to run it from 11:30-1:00 and 4:30-6:30. After that, no food, no gas. Worse with the grill. It is too big. Perhaps 3-4 steaks or burgers at any given peak time is the busiest. It has 4 burners. At non-peak times, just the one working pilot light. Peak times, the pilot light and the burner next to it at 1/2 open. Takes a long time to cook from a cold grill, and they are crazy about costs.
I only have 2 weeks to go before I quit. I am giving them a week's notice. I've never worked at a place so foolish about cost cutting. Everything is rusty and 30-40+ years old.
Am I going to find this at the chain? I've never worked for a chain. These people seem to be OK. I'm going to have to do it for a while, couple years. This place is in the final stage of construction. Everything is clean and fresh. I like that part. This place is an upscale hamburger joint with a bar. I'd rather not say the name, but some of you may know who it is... Am I going to go nuts at the chain? I've cooked for about 10 years. The last job is the real cheap penny pincher, to the point of stupidity. Are the chains the same way? Thanks!
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You do what you gotta do in order to survive and move on. Good luck, don't be spiteful. Build your karma :)
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My wife says get these people through New Years ... I'm stopping to give notice tomorrow. They sent me home after 4 hours tonight. We are having an ice storm. It is about 20° already. Place was dead. They closed the kitchen @ 8:00 and I was out by 8:15. This kinda pisses me off too. Slow, not the storm because the bar was still open, so they send me home 2 hours early. I see it as being out $21.50.
I'm in the process of making the schedule they will have to live with. Christmas Eve, out by 8:00, normally Fridays I'd be there until 10:15. Christmas Day, off. Normally Saturdays I open the Kitchen 11am-7pm. The owner closes (and never cleans). Sunday is 6 hours as usual. Mon-Tues off, as usual. Next week, same thing. No work in 2005. This gives me almost a week off.
The new place I see as this... I really don't have a choice at the moment. The pay is about the same. I don't need benefits, because my wife has them, so they told me they'd give me a raise of about $2 an hour after 90 days in lieu of benefits. I have that in writing. That raise will put me $1 an hour over what I make now. It will put me on par with what I made 2000-2003. 2004 was a lousy year for me. I'm not sure if 2005 will be much better, but I'll try.
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