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dairy free ice cream/sorbet

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I was wondering whether it is possible to make ice cream from coconut milk. I try to avoid dairy for health reasons, but miss ice cream. Is it possible to combine soya yogurt with cocunut milk and then fruit or chocolate to make a creamy ice cream alternative? Any suggestions and recipes would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Sure, I don't see why not. Be aware that coconut milk can be high in fat, which can cause an unpleasant mouthfeel when frozen. I don't have a recipe, sorry, but I'd go 60% coconut/40% soy to start. A coconut concentrate or a pure extract will help to intensify the flavor.
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I've got a coconut sorbet recipe. I can't stand coconut, but everyone tells me it's really yummy and has a creamy texture. I'm writing myself a note right now so I'll try to remember to bring it home with me and post it for you tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Hi, sorry I didn't get back sooner... life got hectic with New Year's Eve, and all....

turns out we don't have an exact recipe for the coconut sorbet.. but my pastry chef says she simply added enough simple syrup and corn syrup to a few cans of coconut milk until a raw egg was able to float in it with enough of the egg peeking above the liquid to equal about the size of a quarter.

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