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Silly question

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What is Cornstach and what does it do.. Also what is it used for. And lastly what does it taste like... I mean what flavor does it add to the food you put it into. :chef:
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Off the top of head, it helps thickens sauces/gravies.
What does it taste like? I don't know what else to say, but it taste like corn starch?
Around The World In 40 Winks
Around The World In 40 Winks
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I don't think corn starch has a flavor but it's main purpose is as a thickening agent and sometimes as part of a dry batter for frying items.
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Yes to all of the above. It is also used in addition to, or in place of, flour in baked goods. No flavor--just a very chalky texture.
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There is one recipe I mknow where cornstartch is used in its raw form for a distinct flavour. the square is called a nanimo bar. make this recipe and you capture the essence of cornstarch...

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You mean nanaimo? I don't recall cornstarch in that one... :confused:
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Blanc Mange, roughly speaking, is a cornstarch pudding, and is cheap to make
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