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Last year, we didn't find a decent place to eat in Orlando, and we're returning this year with higher hopes. Any suggestions??
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I am sure you will be able to find something. We have a lot of good restaurants here in Orlando, FL. Let me know if you are still interested in knowing what our city has. Also, what kind of food are you looking for?

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Just got home from Orlando.

I followed kuan's lead, and checked out Le Coq au Vin. It was decent, but not very child friendly. I would have enjoyed it more just my husband and me. The food was good classical French. It was a 25 minute drive from our hotel. I don't know if I'd go there again, but it was fun to venture out of the tourist area.

We also tried Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge, by a recommendation on chowhound. I enjoyed it, but found it to be overpriced. Either way, I thought it was a slightly more adventurous menu than most restaurants in the area.

Flying Fish (on the boardwalk) was excellent, and the decor was fantastic too!! I think this was our best meal in Disney.

Forget Emeril's. They weren't accomodating in any way. so we didn't bother.

There were a bunch of restaurants that I'd intended to visit, but unfortunately I lost the list I'd brought with me, and had to improvise.

Thank you anyway, nishboo.
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