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hi. i saw from an old thread of posts that most of you bake your cheesecake at 325 - 350. the recipe i have which is about 40 years old calls for a 400 oven and a water bath. it's a crustless cheesecake. is my oven to high?
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A former co worker used to bake cheesecakes the same temp with no problem and he used barely any water..bakes alot quicker obviously but it came out fine..

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Well, a cheesecake is really just a custard, not a cake, and I'd say 400* was way too high, even with a baine marie. Those eggs are just going to coagulate and make the cake tough. You have to use a lower temperature to make the cake creamy and soft. I don't see how you're going to avoid cracks in the cake either at the higher temperature. But if you're going to cover the top up somehow I suppose it doesn't matter.
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I agree with chefbrian.  If a cheesecake is not cooked in a water bath, gradient temperatures are a must.  A high temperature to start your oven out and then reduced slightly for the first 15 minutes of your baking process then reduced to a low temperature for at least 90 minutes...preferably 2 hours depending on the size and depth of the cheesecake.  I have not had a problem with cracking using this cooking technique.


I have found that using spring form pans are much more hassle.  Using the removable bottom cake pans are much more useful both in baking and removing the cake from the bottom of the pan when it is ready.

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