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My visit to Vegas

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Some really great restaurants out there, I was very impressed with these 2.

M&M Grand Buffet for lunch ($17) or dinner ($26), it was great and worth the 30min line-up. Everything was fresh, the eating enviornment was practical yet elegant, our waitresse was professional and very kind, even dispensing some tips on what to do in Vegas.

Todai Japanese Buffet, Aladin Hotel. Dinner ($35) was well worth the money and the crowd is huge. Freshly made sushi in a wide variety, some unique/rare like sea uchent roe sushi. More of a casual dining enviornment, the line-up for sushi is incredibly long but dies down after 1-2h so go here around 7-8pm.
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I love Isis restaurant at Luxor (rather pricey but worth it) and Nobu at Hard Rock Hotel (same price level as Isis). My favourite thing in Nobu is "Bento Box" which contains a small lava cake and a scoop of green tea ice-cream. So yummy!!! And by the way, Nobu isn't the place to go just for sushi or rolls - tartars are wonderful, yellowtail jalapeno is amazing! And lobster salad... one of my friends who never eats salads and veggies ate it in no time and ordered another :)

As to Isis - i had a really good lobster bisque and a steamed baby vegetables platter. Tried pieces of meat my husband had and must confess that was fabulous!

Both restaurants are about $150.00 per person.
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:eek: my budget is not that high. But I may try it if the opertunity rises.
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I went to Todai on my last visit to Vegas...I have to say that I agree. I was impressed too.
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