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and it looks neat. I was looking for information on mushrooms and found a link to shroomgirl. I was, and still am looking for information on wild mushrooms. I just bought an old farm house on 13 acres in mid Michigan that has lots of mushrooms (hundreds) in the spring and summer. This was a lousy year for morels in Michigan so I don't know if I have any of them but there are a whole lot more that came up this year and I don't which I can eat and which will make me sick or worse. Looking for good books or maybe some local classes. Any help out there? I also have a walnut tree that gave me about 1/3 of a barrel of walnuts last year and about 2 5 gal buckets worth (unshelled) this year. Any recipes that combine the two would be interesting as the ingredients are free save a little shoe leather and much needed exercise. I also do all of the cooking in the house so it looks like this might be a place I come back to on a somewhat regular basis.