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Bent Wusthof

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My brand new 10" Wusthof cooks knife took an unfortunate swan dive from (its now superceded storage place) upon the top of the fridge point first straight into the wood floor . (some quick dancing saved my bare feet)

It know has a sharp bend at the very 1/16 " end :(

Should I try and bend it back some how ? Or grind/sharpen the damaged section off ?
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Are you any good with a stone? Grinding it down is your only option at this point. If you're not comfortable with it, you can certainly have a professional do it for you.

The same thing happened to my brand new MAC santoku. Some $#%&@# dropped it, may he burn in #$%*. I'm not bitter.

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Thanks , I will take to it with the stone. It will then only be a 9 and 7/8 inch wusthof though :rolleyes:
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It will chip off sometime soon if not when you actually do straighten it. As mentioned, just sharpen it off. A file would do it faster then touch up on the stone.

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