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Any good idea

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Anyone can recommend a type of a good bread for a good restaurant.
I know that whole cereal will be nice and different, but not everybody likes it.
Any Idea. I will apreciate your thoughts.
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What type of restaurant? If you've got a themed restaurant then you will want to stick with that like corn bread and rye bread with say Louisiana style. If your unsure, a nice crusty bread is always good regardless of what your cooking up.
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Its a international cuisine with a caribbean touch and they use par baked bread.
I want to offer them something good, different. We dont have rye in my country, just whole wheat and bleached and bromated flour, thats it, Im doing wholesale bread in a small scale, its my beginning. Maybe sometihing with fresh herbs?? or a marble rolls (whole wheat and wheat flour)?
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Ok, I did it, kalamata and rosemary rolls, olive oil rolls and 100%whole wheat rolls with sesame seeds on top.
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