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Cold Comp.

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I'm wondering if anyone here competed in any cold competitions. I migh do one at my school in april, but i need some help with ideas of the best stuff to use... protein, starch, veg??? whats your best method of glazing?? i need help here, so i turn to you guys!! :confused:

Stacey :D :chef:
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Are you competing and if so, what category and what are the rules? Cold food is by far the most difficult of them all. There's a little discussion here:

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I'm not sure of the rules yet, i just know that there will be a competition... i think we have 3 days to do it. It's in April... I just want some ideas, i'm not 100% sure if i'm going to compete or not, i'm just keeping the option open
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You will need garde manger skills, and lots of it.

I can't tell you what's good or what's not good. You should be OK if you keep with good culinary practices. Instead of looking at recipes, concentrate on basic how's and why's of cooking. For example, when making a one pot dish of various ingredients, what should go in first and how should they be cut?

Aspic work makes your neck hurt. It pays to learn how to do it and do it fast. If you can, try to get into the advanced garde manger class. Bone up on your chaud-froid and butchering skills.
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i learned the basics and all of aspic, and i have pretty good GM skills.....but what i really wanted to know, it with all your experience, what is the best protein, starch, and veg to use in a cold competition...what holds up best to glazing....what looks best on a plate?

thanks stacey
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What can I say? Traditional cuts you would use for galantines work fine. Use nice and smooth vegetables. Figuring out what you would do with a cut of meat is part of sound technique. Proper portioning is another. Don't stuff a whole saddle of venison and cook it to well, get it?
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yes i know that... i'm just wondering advice from people who have done cold competitions before what did you use, how did it hold up. i've seen potatoes doen a couple of ways that didnt hold up to being glazed

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Yes, some things don't stand up to glazing, but there are many ways to glaze an item.

Why don't you come up with something and we can comment? The way you're talking it's almost like you're asking for someone to make up something for you. I don't want to be blunt, but part of deciding what to do has to do with how you think about food, and you will be judged on that.
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