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Anyone have any experience of some really good restaurants in toronto??
Cost really doesnt matter here!

Anyone know of any cheaper, but still good places to eat in toronto??
Cost does matter here

I'm going for a week in less than a month and i'd like some ideas of where tp eat... a couple of nights the school pays for our mel, thats why cost doesnt matter, but the rest i have to pay outta my own pocket, so cost does matter

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Downtown chinatown (Spadina Ave. + Dundas St) houses some of the cheapest eats I know of here in TO. Its also easy access via public transit. My school (George Brown College) has a restaurant Sigfreids Dining Room where you can eat for relativily cheap as well, set menus with main courses going for like $12 before taxes.

Some really nice restaurants around the entertainment district (around King St + University Ave). If your into Louisiana style, I recommend Big Daddy's or for seafod, Filet of Sole is part of 3 eateries. All offers pre show dinners but depending on where you go, these places can be pricey.

Yorkville (Bay St + Bloor St) is a very yuppy area but also some of Toronto's top and/or trendy restaurants. One of the newest in that area is Flow which I've been meaning to check out.

Greektown is on a large stretch of Dupont St. I havn't been to many places there but my uncle (who is a food conasour "sp?") speaks nothing but good things of the eateries in the area.

You can go to or .ca for better or more info on restaurants.
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Far be it for me to remember something!

Started last week Friday is Toronto's Winterlicious. A host of TO's top restaurants do prefix $15-$20 lunches and $20-$30 dinner menues. I've been to North44 and will be going to Toulas @ the Weston Harbor Castle hotel. Reservations recommended and again, will have the details.
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i cant remember the name of the restaurant were goin to for our class dinner. I know were going to horizons in the CN tower for butlered h'ordervers (i cant spell) and wine
I think were going to the steam whistle for a tour

I want some good sushi?? any reccomandations?? were staying at the marriott blorr downtown, so as close to that as possible is the best
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On Front St & Jarvis is a sort of farmer's market called St. Lawrence Market, lots to see and buy food wise there. On the lower level, theres a small sushi place thats reasonably priced. But if money isn't an issue, just north say 1 block is Hiro Sushi. Also, if you walk along Queen St west of University Ave, theres a lot of sushi places there but I cannot recommend on as I've not been in 1 of them yet.

Another place for inexpensive eats is my school George Brown College on Adelaide St. The school's restaurant is on the 1st floor called Siegfried's where the students cook lunch and dinners so its very inexpensive. Call 416-415-5000 ext 2260 to make reservations. Also on the lower levels right beside the cafe is a booth where they sell the school's baked goods anywhere between $2 for breads to $5-6 for cakes and more extravagent items. Again made by us students.

I think I know where you are, right by the Eaton Centre shopping mall (Yonge St + Dundas St). The college isn't too far away from there, south east direction. If you walk east say 30mins or so, you should find youself in Chinatown.
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for our class dinner were eating at slendidos. the menu looks really well. Were actually going to Kensington Market and St. LAwerence Market, and Chinatown. It should be fun

15 more days

we may check out your school, i dunno how much spare meals we'll have, but i'd be cool to come have a tour too!
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Two or Toronto's best.........

Avalon Restaurant

270 Adelaide W
Toronto, ON M5H1X6
Phone: (416) 979-9918
Fax: (416) 599-2006

Restaurant Profile

With Chris McDonald's sterling reputation on Toronto's foodie front, it's no secret that Avalon, by all accounts, has helped set a culinary standard for Toronto's dining out circuit. In fact, the Avalon website touts McDonald as one of "Canada's most respected chefs, known for a creative, first-principles approach to cooking." Few would argue that he is among the city's culinary elite, with a pedigreed CV to match

Hiro Sushi

His legions of fans acknowledge no other master, entrusting their appetites to Hiro Yoshida for lunch or dinner omakase style at the sushi bar. It begins with a highly inventive, beautifully posed plate of amuses—maybe monkfish liver (like fishy foie gras) in ponzu with pungent green onion. Soup might be thick green pea, its flavour true, with a raft of featherlight custard and a morsel of grilled conger eel. Kitchen dishes explore traditional Japanese flavours. A soft ball of mashed yam and minced shrimp shares a bowl with bittersweet rapini and a shy chestnut sauce; a dot of wasabi brings it to life. More intense effects are sparked by fabulous grilled tuna with hot, salty grated daikon, minced onion and garlic sauce. Marinades and grated garlic double the repertoire as the menu moves into sushi. A thin slice of sudachi lime and a dab of wasabi are spectacular adornments for nigiri of fluke. Desserts, too, have evolved in recent years. A collation might include basil sorbet, rich sesame ice cream, and moist banana cake with a compote of strawberry and rhubarb. Meanwhile, those who prefer to sit at a table encounter more conventional choices from a small, familiar menu enhanced by impeccable sushi and sashimi. A small list of wines, beers and sakes could be all one needs. Service is discreetly efficient under Yoshida’s eye. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Address: 171 King St. E., 416-304-0550.

For a ton of reviews and restaurants check out
Chef Bob

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch?" ~ Orsen Wells (1915-1985)
Chef Bob

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch?" ~ Orsen Wells (1915-1985)
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