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Freezing Burger

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Hi, I own a small cafe and I want to add burger to our menu. But instead of buying premade frozen Burger patties, I want to make them myself from ground beef and freeze them for later use. Then whenever I have a burger order, I want to deep-fry a frozen patty ( without thawing). Could someone please give me some tips on how to do it nicely? Do you think it is better to par-fry patties before freezing them? Do I need to add some preservatives or filler to the ground beef in order to retain the texture and flavour in the frozen patties? Thanks.
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There are several fundemental problems that I see with this approach...
  • The labor and storage costs for making and then freezing burger patties safely are way greater then the cost of IQF patties.
  • Froozen beef tends to remain pink even when cooked to temp, when you cook it without thawing.
  • Depending on the portion size of burger patties, your ticket times can sky rocket and the burgers may not cook evenly.
  • Cooking nekkid ground meat in your fryer is a good way to dirty your oil quickly.
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Deep-fried hamburgers??? Chaqun a son gout, I suppose.

We used to make medium-thick beef patties of freshly ground chuck and freeze them raw. We'd heat a pan, toss in some salt, and cook the frosty burgers without thawing them. They were great, because you got a good crust on the outside and the inside was pink (although that's not according to FDA rules nowadays). I don't remember how long they took, but I'm sure it was longer than raw burger.
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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From my own experience cooking burgers from frozen and thawed at a resort, the thawed almost always were juicer when welldone, as well as looking better, as I didn't have to almost blacken them to make sure they were cooked through, and they also cook quite a bit faster, speeding up service and making the guest a little happier
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We do that at the restaurant (minus the deep frying, yuck!). Our burgers are probably the most popular thing on our lunch menu. We buy freshly ground lean beef from a local source and mix in our own seasonings (no bread or grain fillers, we don't do meatloaf burgers), form the patties, individually wrap them and freeze them. We do a burger marathon when necessary and make up a huge batch. We don't cook them frozen though, we take out what we have worked out to be an average number used per day and let them thaw in the cooler overnight. They're good for a couple days if we happen to overestimate. If we underestimate then, unfortunately, we have to resort to a brief nuking to partially thaw before cooking. That doesn't happen often anymore though. I prefer to have a couple extra to carry over to the next day than not enough. Just make sure to use the ones from the previous day first the next day so they don't end up being waste. It is more work but it's worth it, we tried the premade burgers once... once. We also cut our own fries from fresh potatoes daily.
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