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refreezing meat

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Quick question. Would anyone here ever refreeze thawed out fish or filet mignon? Both items had been thawed for 4 days then refrozen.
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not recommended, especially by the health dept. ;) but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

4 days on the fish is pushing the envelope, so to speak(unless it was your whole flash frozen tuna). Beef, depending on how it was wrapped, stored may be okay-unless it sat out for a week before going in first......

Too many variables. First, follow all health dept. regs in your area(especially if serving to the public). Second, use your nose-if its on the edge now, it ain't gonna help it. You will experience much degradation with repeated freezing and thawing. Can you cook now and then freeze final product?

did i mention following your local health dept regs? especially if serving to the public.
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I'm somewhat stuck with this practice, and the ownership and I are probably going to get in a scrap over it sooner than later, because I plan to end the practice, which was in place when I took over.

That one and quite a few others actually.

So who knows, my days as a chef might be numbered.
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I do not recommend the practise, but if the product was thawed in the fridge and left under refrigeration, I don't believe there are any health concerns with refreezing, all it will do is dry it out. After 4 days I definitely wouldn't refreeze fish because it is too near the end. I would make gumbo or chowder or something. You could then freeze that if you have to.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Refreeze fish? Yuck!! The filets? I wouldn't...but maybe....it might be ok....they have such a low fat content...they might make it...
" I hate people who do not take their meals seriously" Oscar Wilde
" I hate people who do not take their meals seriously" Oscar Wilde
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refreezing meat ----just say no
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thanks for all the replies. I didn't refreeze the meat the head cook/ manager did.I don't like refreezing fish and wish he would stop doing it. I told him how I felt and his reply was " I've been doing this for years". So i figured i'm just a cook, he's the one in charge. So if someone gets sick or doesn't like the quality of the fish he has to deal with it.
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I inherited this practice from a previous chef, and as the "new guy" I have put up with it.
This thread has been very useful to me.
I am going to stop doing it. Today.

I am also going to risk my job in doing so.

My job means a lot to me, but feeling ashamed is not why I got into this business.
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