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Headin' to New Orleans...

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I never been to N.O. before and very excited! I am looking for the "Gotta go here" type restaruants as well as the ones off the beaten path. I really want to taste all the levels while my wife and I are down there. We are staying about 5 days so were looking at about 10 good meals to experience! :lips:

I would love your suggestions and tips on where to go. We are staying on St. Charles Ave. area just outside the French Quarter. I would appreciate your suggestions and tips on where to go. Thanks,

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New Orleans

Bayona was great when I was last there (2 years ago) but it was pricey (Susan Spicer was the chef and I think she is a co-chef at Herbsaint). Herbsaint is another great place to check out for high-end dining.

Lilette is fabulous, the chef John Harris won Food and Wine's Best Chef 2 years ago (and tell him Jen said hello if you go!). It's at the end of Magazine St. and the area isn't so fabulous, but it is worth the trip (also fine dining).

Skip Commander's Palace, it is over-rated and I think you have to wear a suit and tie to dine there.

As far as local places go, one that you might not find in the travel books is Uglesich's. It is literally a hole-in-the-wall, outside of town, and very difficult to get into (I waited outside in the heat for 1 hour). However, the food is truly authentic (shrimp and grits, a guy shucking oysters for you at the bar as you wait, fried crawfish balls, etc.). A fellow chef-friend recommended the place to me and I couldn't have been happier.

I think they have a web-site and I would not miss this for the world. It's cheap and "rustic", with plastic tables and friendly locals.

Hope this helps!
Jen Scibelli
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Thanks for the information. We will definitely make reservations at Lilette. I have seen write-ups on that one and would love the experience. Thanks for your incite!

Looking for about a goood 7-8 more "recommendations", your thoughts...
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Had some BBQ shrimp here before heading out.

Very busy and great looking food.


Also Café de Monde for coffee and beignets down town, then you can walk over to see the Mississippi.

Edit to add my review of Commanders Palace from last Friday.

Baruch ben Rueven / Chanaבראד, ילד של ריימונד והאלאן
Baruch ben Rueven / Chanaבראד, ילד של ריימונד והאלאן
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Beignets and coffee sound awesome! I had failed to mention that I will be bringing my newest addition to the family (5 month old). Will that cramp their style at CP?

Have you heard anything about Brigtsen's? They seem to get pretty good reviews. Just want to have a really nice time. My goal is to hit all the levels of dining: fine dining, casual, hole-in-the-wall type places, pop's grills', etc., and of course what ever my wife would like to do as well. thanks for your input...it helps when your a stranger in town!
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Mothers Restaurant

Not fancy and doesn't get much better. The bread pudding is to die for and everything on the menu is delicious. It's famous and been around a long time.

Any seafood market or grocery store.
Go to the seafood counter and ask for how ever many pounds of crawfish you want. Three pounds per person is good. When I was there it was $1.00/pound. Fresh from the boil in a brown paper bag. Go to the park with some beer and enjoy!

So many choices there really it's hard to go wrong, the one place I'd consider moving to just to eat. This is why my avatar reflects this statement.... ;)
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I was there last year and loved it.

I second Café de Monde for their cafe au lait and beignets.

Theres the Gumbo Shop that has, obviously, great gumbo.

Theres K Paul's Louisiana Kitchen.

I was very impressed with all 3 of these places but I can't remember exactly where they are located.
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Just got back from 5 days in the Big Easy....
Jacque Imos...alligator cheesecake is to die for, the bartender ordered it for me saying that if I did not like it he'd take it off the bill....
August is phenominal, open lunch and dinner...I had one of the BEST dining experiences in my life. Tasting menu is a BARGAIN. $50 food $85 wine and food....exceptional.
I second Ugelischs and Mothers....go to breakfast at Mothers and get the black ham and biscuit....oh man.
Stellas is getting phenominal reviews, the chefs were in NYC cooking at the Beard House when I was in town.
Camilla Grill for low end.
Ralph's was recommended....it's on the Park and using local food, always a good sign.
Lunch at Bayonas was incredible.....really FINE.....desserts were great.
Every week there is a different restaurant serving prepared food at the "new" farmer section of French Market....I wanna say on Wed or Thurs.
Sat is CBD market on Julia, it's a delight with some prepared food.
Your going during the prettiest time, enjoy. :p
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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My recommendations:

For local flavor: Casamentos
Domilisis(the best po boys, period)
Ugelisiches(they are closing soon)
Frank Brigtsens- dinner only
La petit Grocery

If you're really feeling adventurous, Chalmette has a large Vietnamese population and I can't recommend Duong Phong stronly enough.
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I appreciate all the comments and suggestions that you all offered. That is the kind of help I needed. Not just the "Flagship" establishments, but the small mom & pops', those "real taste" places! I never thought of the crawfish by the pound, that is my idea of snackfood!

My wife and I were staying north of Camden Maine for about 2 weeks, and had to grab a lobster each night. Where in the world could you get better crusteacean...

I appreciate all the input,

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