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Middle Eastern wedding

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I have been asked to cater a small wedding in the US but with a Middle Eastern orientation. I can find recipes; but how many courses should be included?
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It depends on the client's budget and how the food will be served. Please provide more information.
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More details

This is to be an informal affair - outdoors, grilled items need to be in the mix. Some vegans in the group. No alcohol to be served. Wondering if I should recommend more than 2 entrees and a couple of sides. Just looking to make it an authentic meal, not just authentic individual items. As I said, I can and have found recipes that will fit like grilled lamb or chicken Moroccan style.
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middle eastern wedding

a wedding should be extravagant! the main thing ic creating a good impression by volume. everything must be full of foods, flowers, decorations, etc. the taste of the mediterrainian people is simple. the food must be very fresh and colourfull.

good luck!
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