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I am a student at OSU in the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program. We are required to do an internship over the summer, however I am looking for something a little bit more interesting than a chain restaurant. As I said I am living in Oklahoma now, but would be willing to move just about anywhere. I have almost 10 years of restaurant experience, both FOH and BOH. I would prefer to work under a professional chef, but my main goal is to learn as much as possible about this industry. Anyone have a suggestion?
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If you aren't interested in actually cooking as a lifelong profession, I suggest you take a job as a dishwasher or prep cook. In most places, youe will be in a good position to observe, and the tasks so rote as to allow your attention to be diverted and still accomplish your assigned work.

But if you are really interested in cooking, and want to be a real apprentice, seek out your local ACF chapter and contact the apprentice program.
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