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Advice Needed

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I Am New To This Forum...
I Recently Enrolled In A Culinary School In S.f California.
I Have A Pretty Good Job Right Now, However I Am Wondering If I Should Get A Kitchen Job While I Am Attending School. Should I Do This? How Is The Pay For Someone Seeking Kitchen Work W/o The Experience?

Thanks, Mickster :)
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You probably wouldnt have too much trouble getting a part time job in a kitchen if you are currently going to school. Even if you start with dishes or food prep at least you would have your foot in the door. Just work really hard and let them know your going to school and your interested in moving up.
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Is your "Pretty Good Job Right Now" in the restaurant industry?

Great school -- I had a chance to go there but chose science instead. I wish you much luck!
Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! Auntie Mame
Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! Auntie Mame
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i woul say if your at school hen to get a kitchen job rite no if your serious about comin a chef. as for wages the pay can vary depndin on the place but it is preety good for this type of industry.
good luck anyway and have fun.
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w/o experience, you are likely to get around $8 an hour max. You are not likely to get more that 10-12 after you get out of c-school for the first couple of years, and even that's not a given.

You might gain nothing except showing up for class tired. I would wait until I was either getting closer to graduation, or the need to fufill and externship requirement if you have one.

One the other hand, if you are young and energetic it would be worth it to just get started, if you can take the low wages. You can get the prep cook step out of the way, and hopefully be on the line when you get sprung from school.
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Right now I am working a pretty comfy office job.
I make around 12.00 per hour. I will be going to school
at night. I am 25yrs. I am serious about becoming a chef.
I am not sure if I should jump into the kitchen work all the way
just yet seeing as I am just now starting school. I did plan on doing
some on the weekends at a friends restaurant. I just wanted to know
should I be totally submersed now or wait until I get closer to graduation?
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work asap

i'd recommend getting a part time kitchen job the moment you feel like you can handle it.

working in a kitchen is like another class -- called Reality 101. It's very enlightening to compare the knowlege learned at school to the info and physical skills you obtain on the job. I think they complement each other and gives you a step ahead of all your peers. You'll find yourself way ahead of the class and more in tune with how you feel about working in the culinary field.

it'd suck to finish cooking school and not like working in restaurants!

definitely start as a prep cook in a reputable restaurant and the rest will follow. within a year, you'll probably be on the line and have the cooking bug or life.
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Go for it! I've seen so many students come to work for me after their schooling and say, "this is not like it was in school"! They were very "green" and never saw the real restaurant world. Go work in a decent place and see what it can really be like. Short on equipment, staff, and tempers. See what it is like to work with hung-over employees and those that don't carry their weight in the kitchen. Experience the long and hot hours that never seem to be compensated. Don't let me scare you, there are nice places out there too that actually are comfortable to work in. Take that job so you can see what it's REALLY like!

Great Luck!

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