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? On tenders?

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The local market has been selling whole peeled beef tenders for $4.99lb.. They come 1 to a pack in cryo. Label says it's Angus choice.
They are very small, about a 3 and down. The meat is so dark that it's almost purple.
They almost remind me of no-rolls we used to serve for a lower cost roast tenderloin banquet.
Anybody seen these before? They are fork tender when broiled but the taste is just a little off. I'm not exactly sure how explain it..
For that price, I'll buy one every time they have them. The Angus thing didn't get rolling until after I hung up my hat, so I am a litttle confused by it.
Just curious,
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one of the local to me Asian chain markets sells something similar. No stamp/id/label but i figure cow(not steer) tenders by lookin at em. Tried one someone else bought, sucked.
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Sounds like someone ordered a lot of Chateubriands, which are center cut tenderloins. Fillet mignons are usually next off towards the ends, so it sounds like you got the tournedos, accounting for the small diameter. Darkness isn't an issue, but tenderloin is usually pretty lacking in flavor, accounting for it usually being wrapped, topped, or sauced.
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The ones iv'e seen are pismos @3-3.5lbs(yeah i know em;). Many of the asian joints and carnecerias here sell cow meat. Dark and flabby, no marbling.
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No. It's a whole tender(pismo), not just the head. That was what I meant. Cow tenders. We called 'em cow tenders for the lowball banquets(didn't know that was an appropiate term,lol).
Like the man said, dark and flabby and almost no fat in the chain. Just meat and silver skin. The label does say choice Angus beef. They do make a decent tournado and don't grill up too badly.
I wouldn't pay 20 bux a lb., but for $5-I can find something to do with them.
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It's mis-labelled. It isn't choice by any means ( the lack of marbling and the color rule that out), and it ain't angus. Angus aren't slaughtered immature. My guess is there are no USDA labels on the cryo.
It is cow, or worse. I wouldn't get near this guys' meat counter.
Just my two cents.
We must be strong in the broken places--Ernest Hemingway
We must be strong in the broken places--Ernest Hemingway
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