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BBQ or Grill pros, please help! Urgent!!

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Hi all.. My Mom has seriously been bugging me to hurry up and decide this week on what type of Barbecue to buy. It has come down to a matter of like 3 days and I have to decide..

I'm down to my very last couple days of doing research now, and basically it would appear that Napoleons and Weber's are the top-of-the-line products. I just need to know which one to go with, and why? I must say, I absolutely LOVE Napoleon's WAVE-Grill, as well as the Infra-Red roteserrie rear grill, however that costs about $1399 for THIS: Napoleon PT450RB

However, it comes with no side burner (a silly feature that my Mom actually really wants though. I told her just go inside and use a stove burner!)

Although for only $999 I've also been looking at this: Weber Genesis Gold C

The Napoleon has 42,000 BTU's and the Weber only appears to have 36,000

The Napoleon is 654 sq. inches though, whereas the Weber is only 611.

HELP!@#$ I'm ripping my hair out..


BTW- I'm Canadian in case the prices seem high :]
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I purchased the char-broil professional model last year and found it comparable to the 2-3000. models. It has infra red rot. etc. They were 999 at HD EXPO. it takes 2 people to lift it.
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I've never seen or used a Napoleon grill, so can't comment. But year after year the Weber grills seem to get cheaper and cheaper in quality. Not to mention what a pain they are trying to get the grill to maintain a (somewhat) constant temperature while cooking at low temperatures in even the slightest breeze.

However, I do find it extremely easy to maintain a constant temperature, even in moderate winds, with a Weber Kettle Charcoal grill. Get the coals lit with an electric element and you've got a steady heat source. Just maintain control of your dampers...and add only a few coals periodically. I like the Weber Kettles...but would stay away from their gas grills. Yes, we do own (and have owned) several Weber gas grills at work. Which we use quite often.

I've had good luck in the past (the long ago past) with Broilmaster. But that was some years ago. I have never used the Gas Grills Direct company and have no affiliation. But I did notice they have some attractive prices on some Napoleon grills.

Happy Grillin'

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another site I've found helpfull

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I bought a Genesis Silver series grill a couple of years ago and I have had good results from it at any temperature in any weather (although it never gets that hot in San Francisco.)
I think the only difference between the Gold and Silver series is the package. I got my Genesis Silver B (no side burner - I'm with you on that Duckdown) for $450. The side burner would cost an extra $50. $1,000 for the Gold C model IMHO is a waste of money since all you are getting for your money is a cabinet under the burner.
Cooks illustrated rated gas grills a while back and the Genesis Silver series was in their opinion the best value for the money.
I don't know if you have a Home Depot or a Sears store near you but I would check them out before forking out $1,000 for a $500 grill.

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Take a look at


It's comments about a $600 mostly-stainless grill from Sam's Club (Costco has a very similar one.)

The whole grill assembly is 64" by 25" wide. The grill itself is about 28" by 22"; I'm out of town at the moment so I can't measure it. Three 18,000BTU cast iron burners; rear infra-red rotiss burner (about 12,000BTU) and a side burner. Weighs about 200 pounds, looks like the Weber $3,000 unit. Easy to assemble.

What do I know about this thing?

I've had one for four years, use it year-round (this calls for a lot of fortitude, or stupidity, in Chicago) and agree with virtually all the nice things said about it on the web site.

It's a "Members' Mark" brand (at Sam's) made by Grand Hall. It is -suprise - made in China. You can learn a lot more from the extensive web site.

Happy cooking.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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