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Gray Goose Inn

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Just got back from a quick little break from work and Chicago. We went over to Northern Indiana for a couple of days. While there we stayed at a great little B&B in Chesterton, called the Gray Goose Inn. What a great place! Very nice and relaxing. Set on the shores of a small lake, you could never tell that you are less than 2 miles from I94. The rooms are very cozy. They have a great reading room and hundreds of great old books. They only serve breakfast, and it was wonderful. We started out with a fruit salad and chocolate muffins. Then we had chicken in a tarragon "gravy" with asparagus and red bell peppers served over a biscuit. Lots of fresh baked goods served all day long. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick little get-away from the city.
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Room rates range from about $85 a night to $160 a night for the two suites (each with fireplace). That is for 2 people and includes breakfast.
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Sounds great! I could use a break from the city. Any dinner spots nearby?
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Unfortunately, there aren't too many. There is a place called Sole (sp?) which is suppose to be alright. We ended up driving over to Michigan City to the Galvaston Steakhouse. Not a great place, but where else can you get a 1 1/2 pound porterhouse, including salad and sides. The meat was not prime, but not bad either. There are a number of pubs and italian joints that serve some pretty decent food also. Just don't go looking for a culinary revelation.
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