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hello can anyone tell me if xanthan has to be cooked, or can i use it in uncooked things.
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I would imagine you can use it in uncooked things b/c I see it listed a an ingredient in a lot of salad dressings.
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thanks for that
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Please see "xanthan gum" under "Pastries - Baking General."
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Xanthan can indeed be used uncooked.  For example,  I thickened watercress pesto with a bit of xanthan gum powder in the vitamix today.  It is just thick enough to paste a scallop seared with fennel pollen on a crostini.  It will be finished with a grapefruit glaze. There are exact measurements for use on Modernist cooking.  I free handed it in the blender until I was satisfied with its consistency however.

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That's one of its main purposes--to thicken liquids and sauces without the need to heat or cook. Makes it easier to preserve the fresh quality of liquids. 

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Xanthan is cold soluble and does not require heat to gel.


It comes from Xanthomas Campestris a close relative to slime mold...



Luc H.

I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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