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Springform Pan Comparison

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I've been eyeing a springfomr pan. I just have a question about some Kaiser pans I found on Cooking.com.
Other than one being a set and one being an individual pan,and one being non-stick and the other not, what would make me purchase one of these Kaisers over the other:
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Cook's Illustrated did a review of springform pans and I believe the Kaiser non stick shown here was their winner. They said that all the pans they tested, if baked in a bain marie, leaked and recommended a double layer of foil on the outside to prevent water getting in the cheese cake or whatever.

I think the main features were that the heavy aluminum pan made for more even baking. The non stick.... well, speaks for itself. The bottom of the base is higer than the rim so it is easy for the product to slide off.

The cheaper set has none of these features.

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Thanks Jock. I think I'm going to go with the non-stick model.
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