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Has anyone had success growing shallots in their own garden? I've been trying them for 2 years now, from seed, and have yet to see even a sprout :(
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yup. i grow them from bulbs then let it self seed, transferring the babies-which look like blades of grass- into rows in spring. this is also how you do leeks. they both seem to be really sensitive to environmental change in the seed stage, whereas in the bulb stage they have more energy stored up to give them extra time to cope and adapt. it does mean you have to wait another year, but it's worth it.
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Thanks redace :D

Now just to find bulbs for sale in Nova Scotia, and I'll be set with growing my fave veg at home :bounce:
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produce section at the grocery store, honey. thats how i started mine!
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Look in garden catalogs for "multiplier onions". There is miniscle difference between grocery store "shallots" and garden "multiplier onions". The biggest difference is the price. Once you plant multiplier onions, you should be set for as long as you maintain that area of the garden.
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