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I am not a cook but like to dabble in bits and pieces in the kitchen

the other day i was trying to grate a ball of mozarella cheese. the ball of mozarella had come in this packet and was immersed in water.

when i grated the cheese, it did come out right, can one only grate dry mozarella?

i had some grated mozarella left over and left it in a bowl, and it became wattery after a day. does this also mean that only solid dry mozarella can be grated?
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The brine packed ball is the good stuff. You will notice the flavor is entirely different. The hard stuff is an invention of the American processed food industry.

Chop it up and crumble it, and use it that way. Grating or shredding is not necessary.

Dont worry about water in the bowl, it's fine. Drain it off.
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That stuff you had was fresh mozz., which is quite unlike the pressed mozz, most people are familiar with. Due to it's water content and loose structure it is impossible to grate it or even slice it thinly. It is most often used whole, chunked or thickly sliced. But it tastes a **** of a lot better than that other stuff.
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Fresh stuff definitely tastes better. You will even notice it is whiter as opposed to the yellowish/off-white tint of processed mozzarella when melted.
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Fresh Mozz

Note to you professionals:

Buy the mozzarella curd and mike your own your taste buds and your customers will thank you. Plus you have the bonus of being able to say "House Made" on your menu
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