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hey alaska,
i spent 2 years cooking in the Mat-Su vally at the Mat-Su resort in wasilla....were abouts are you????wish i could get back up there!!!!!!
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Hello Ara & others...

A Chefs Resort :D I love it!

I would certainly make time for both proffesional Chefs and cooking enthusiast (such as myself). After some time you can then decide if you want/need to put more focus on the profesional Chefs or the enthusiast.

As mentioned before you can start off at the local markets picking the fresh foods of the day. Also, a nice sized garden would be a welcome treat for those visitors that came within season of your garden. This can also be tailored to the experience of the class (or persons).

I really like this idea...and I actually think that it could really boom with the popularity of todays cooking shows. I think a couple of the Tv Chefs already have one day cooking classes for people to attend. But these seem to be exactly what you would expect from them. An over hyped crowded class that is there to watch and be entertained rather than learn...and to EAT :)

Personally, I think people want more than what currently out there. It could be a culinary vacation. A time to learn and a time to eat:) Of course...with exception to a couple dishes that you would choose to prepare. The people enrolled in the class would essentially make the food.

It can either be an educational vacation for current Chefs or those who want to elevate their abilities in the kitchen. Not quite a cooking scool...but a cooking vacation.

no matter what you choose for a new path...

good luck and have fun :)

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I would love to visit your resort when (not if) you get it going.
I am but a humble firefighter who loves to cook for his family, crew and friends. I would love to rub elbows with some of the community of chef's that are here in attendance.

Puttin' the wet stuff on the red stuff for far longer than I would care to admit!

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