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red wine shelf life

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Is it possible for an opened bottle of red to withstand up to at least 2 months in the fridge with a vacuum stopper? (i'm quite new to all these - just beginning to learn)

THX :)
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I just asked my hubby, who is a wine guy this question and he said no. Max. 2 weeks. I am not a great wine taster myself but if I have an inexpensive red wine (10-20 dollars) that is not finished I will vacuum seal it and drink it up soon or save it for cooking. I have tasted old wine before and often I can taste the difference, but if you can't then it's not a problem.

Most of the wine people I have drunk with, will either finish a good bottle or if they positively can't finish it, throw it away. No matter the price, I think this is a bit wasteful, so I save what I can. If we open an moderately priced bottle and can't finish it then I will vacuum and drink the next day.
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hmm...looks like i gotta enjoy it as soon as possible and if there are any leftovers...mebbe i could do something with it... :p ...but it's heartaching to see a good bottle of wine spoilt.

It's difficult when u're the one in the house savouring it....and not to mention one whole bottle! lol.. :D

Thx for the info. Really appreciate it :)
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