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breakfast cooks, how do you...

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How do you do it? How did you start and did you worry about getting all the eggs perfect etc... I may be able to start working at a Hotel doing the opening shift. I am not a chef, but I cook and I think I am good but sometimes I get so nervous behind the line...
Any inspiring / constructive comments are appreciated!
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mise en place-
That will get you through breakfast. Timing is criticle. If your nervous behind the line then figure out some memory tricks in your mise en place to keep from sinking. Some use the skillets, when orders come in they will put eggs in a skillet to remember the chit. Some will have two fold and three fold towels to put under the skillets. They then rember how things are cooked just by looking at the skillet-eggs-folds. A good short order cook will perform like he or she is doing a dance.
Head on out to the local waffle house and plant yourself for a couple of hours and watch.
Good luck and go for it if it's what you want to do.
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OH thanks for replying panini!
I like the dance idea... I do not understand the towel thing... Wait, put the eggs (whole) into skillet as the check comes up... and use like a 2 fold towel for easy over...and a 3 fold for sunny side up, for instance? Ok I think that's what you mean. If I am wrong I apologize. That's a good idea because I love being organized! I like having a plan though I am not great at making them. I love to learn.

My story, if you want to hear... is I am a jack of all trades and a master of none...
I did social work and Massage therapy both for 10 yrs approx. (each). I have worked in kitchens on and off through my life... not a huge amount of time but enough to do what needs to be done. I may be able to have this job at a new restaurant in a new hotel. I just have been sick for sometime and have lost my strength... and a lot of my confidence. But this place won't open until Dec. so I have time to brush up and to build my strength. So the opportunity has come at a good time... But I need to make the decision to say yes and then commit to it. Well I also have to apply and interview with the Exec. Chef. whom I have met briefly but is also known thru my partner...yadda yadda yadda... so he said he wants someone he can rely on and depend on to be there to open at 5 am and to take on responsibilities in the future. Does that sound great? Well yes it!
I mean I am getting old and have been out of work (43 yrs old). I need benefits and a career with a future...
I like working hard... but not to the point where I am doing 2 peoples work... which is how it always seems to be in the kitchens I have worked in... I do not like to dissappoint... so I am just talking this out... I feel it is an opportunity... But I don't want to overstate my skills... I am willing to learn though....
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You're always going to feel like you're doing 2 people's work. Don't worry, the good ones always find a way to work up the ladder. I can't stress the importance of showing up at 5am, on time, not drunk, not hungover, not stoned.

Breakfast is easy, but doing it well is another thing. Very few places do it well IMO. Everyone eats the same breakfast, but everyone likes it just a certain way too. Good luck!
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Ha! well... ok... I better beef up and get strong for it. The good news is I am sober many years and reliable. I know I am very concerned about doing it well... I have worked with other cooks who could care less how the food gets out as long as it gets out... but a rubber omelette is disgusting. I do care about the quality, and customer satisfaction.
Thanks for your reply...
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I just wanted to add that it is important that you be up front with the hiring chef. Tell him or her just what you write in your posts. I have been on the other side of this many years ago and like you say, the chef is really not going to be looking for the best bkfast in the world but someone who will be dependable so he won't get the early morning call to get someone to cover that shift. You will only become better by doing it. Volunteer to come in before the opening to practice breakfast for the workers, and things of that nature.
No one really needs to know the specifics of your past. You may have jumped some hurdles in your life that you are proud of, but sometimes it's best not to put your business in the street. Let the chef know what you have to offer them.
good luck
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Thanks P.
So you are saying just suit up and show up eh? First things first. I just don't want to go for something I am not sure I can do... I am reliable once I am working but have a fear of getting in a position I can't do or can't stand. I may be kinda old for this kind of job... It is hard working in a kitchen... But like I said being out of work isn't all it's cracked up to be. So I am asking myself... Is this an opportunity(blessing) I better just go for? Or am I doing it to please my partner who wants me to work and make some dough ray me... and feel good about working again etc.... like I want for myself as well...
I will not say all this stuff once I decide to call him and apply... which really should be today if I want it....They just had a job fair etc... so having a connection is I think a sign... hmmmmm...
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One thing nice about a hotel is there's always an opportunity to learn. If you're doing breakfast you're probably doing a bit of lunch as well. Sometimes there are banquets and you may have to do that as well. It's very exciting and tiring all at the same time in a hotel. You'll do well if you're a fast learner. The opportunities come easy in a hotel. All you have to do is be there. :)
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Well, My honey told the Chef I was interested and he sent an e-mail to her that said "Great!!!!!!" So now I have to pull myself together and call him... I'm a nervous nelly! I put high demands on my self... with low expectations! LOL! Not anymore! I am going to go for it! Thanks soooo much for responding to my posts! I know you probably understand how helpful it is to talk it out since you are all here too, but it is a service that you have done for me and I do appreciate it : ) I'll keep you posted!
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All the responses you have gotten so far have been right on, IMHO. I just have one thing to add. Go buy yourself a nice, nonstick omelet pan and start practicing flipping eggs. At first, don't worry about breaking the yolks, just get the motion down, then, once you have the motions down start working on your finesse so that the yolks don't break. You have got to have this skill down pat to be a breakfast cook. A bad day of egg flipping can cause a serious trainwreck during breakfast rush. When hiring a new breakfast cook this is the first thing I always looked for and when training a new breakfast cook this is the very first skill that I teached. Also practice making good omelets, beyond that, most breakfast cooking is about being organized, speedy and being able to multitask. Of course, this is kind of simplifying things, but really, if you get the egg thing down you are half way there. Good luck!!!!!!
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Yes I used to do that... I actually can go and cook at a restaurant and practice. So I will do that... I have done it before and you are exactly right about causing a train wreck.
: ) This can be my lucky week!
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EEK! Ulcer inspiring!
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Great profile.
I DOOOO want to know. There is a thread to post , misc,anything but cooking.
Sounds like the making of a reality show :D
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Oy Vay!

Yah...ulcers before I even start! I just realized that I will have to be up at 4am for the 5am opening shift.... eegaad!
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