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hellow to eveyone

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my mane is yael, I'm not that much of a chef, but I'm tinking to become one.
I'm from israel but currently I'm in san francisco, california.
I'm sorry to bother ysoy all, but I have a few Question, and I will thank you very much if you'll help me (also if you don't).
so, I want to study pastry chef.
in the last couple of years I worked as a cook in a few restaurants in Tel-Aviv (Israel), while I was studding university, and I fell in love with the cithen, and mostly the sweets :lips:
my problems are mainly financial... :confused: .
the instetudes that i found were extremly out of my budget...
so I was thinking of a more tropical place like brazil or even the the east, which can be cheaper...
and also europe is an option...
can you help me with directions for schools? or anyhow?
a n y comment is wellcome :p
thank you very very much.
:D :bounce: :D :bounce: I wish u all a great weekend :bounce: :D :bounce: :D
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Shalom, Yael, and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe. We're glad you found us!

We have a Culinary Students' forum here, and I suggest you post your school question there. Also, you can search this site for earlier conversations here about how to choose the right cooking school and pay for it. :)

Baruch habah- welcome!

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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How about Culinary institute of the Pacific in tropical Hawaii?


I hear their program is up and coming. Good luck.
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Dear Yael

:chef: I can reccomend Hungary for chef school. It is a great place to be, nice girls aswell. Give it a try, hungarian kitchen is one of the best in the World and the people are very friendly there. check out my website and you will have a little taste of Hungary! www.cheflaszlo.com
Try to get to 231Ellsworth. It is a great restaurant in San Mateo. I know the chef, he could have you for a night a week. That what I'm doing if I want to see restaurants, I just talk to the chef and ask him if I can spend couple days in the kitchen with him. It is a very good experience. Just say you are a student and want to learn. No one will say NO! It is good experience before school!

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thank u very much :D
thats a great option (actually, both of them)
and how r the boys? (I'm a girl... :p )
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