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Labor Software for BOH

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I'm opening a new independent owned restauarant. I am looking for software to do the schedule and track labor cost.
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Most of the software I have seen, for the professional, is pretty expensive (around $400-800). These are usually full packages including inventory tracking, food costing, labor costing, etc. Don't remember the names of them (once I saw the price I said forget it). The good side to it is that Excel is pretty easy to set up to create schedules, track labor, etc. It is usually what I use for these things. With a little Excel knowledge you can create most anything you need for a small restaurant, and save yourself a bundle in the process. Best of luck.
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free spreadsheets in excel format can be found on the mad chefs website; www.madchefs.com i believe.
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give me just a couple of more weeks and ill be looking for some beta testers for an online solution http://www.fsmgr.com no huge upfront cost will be a low monthley fee....It will be a very indepth program incl
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Mike, I looked over your website and you have a good introduction, but you really need to double check your spelling. There are a lot of spelling mistakes, and that could be a detriment to trying to attract potential customers. Just an observation.
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im the first one to admit my spelling sucks but ive checked it over it three different word processors and all the spelling is fine am i using the wrong word????
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All the words are spelled correctly, but it is the wrong word. You have "to" for "too". "There" for "their". "Win" for "when". I also saw "witch" for "which" and a number of other words like that. There are also a number of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure in many areas. If your spelling sucks, then I would strongly suggest having someone proofread it for you. People will be very leary about purchasing something from someone that has a site full of simple grammatical and spelling errors. Not trying to be harsh, just trying to help you out.
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no ty i figured thats what it was...my cousin is going to start being my editor...lol i speak 4 computer languges far beter then my spelling of english
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all beter she is much beter at gramer lol
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