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Would like cooktop advice

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We are in the process of re-doing out entire kitchen. Of all the appliances, the cooktop is becoming the hardest appliance to select. I am looking at Viking, DCS, Dacor and Jade. Someone mentioned that Jade makes great ranges and have recently introduced a cooktop version. Anyone has any experience with Jade cooktops. I would like 36 inch natural gas drop in cooktop. I do some searing, but a lot of wok/stir fry/soups and other asian cooking. :confused:

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Re your kitchen re-make-

We selected a flat glass electric cooktop (we couldn't use gas- condo rules) that is only 3" or so thick, so I put a very shallow drawer beneath it (the front matches the other 6" high drawer fronts on the counter.) It's deep enough to hold all the stove-related tools - tongs, whisks, big cooking spoons and forks, scrapers, spatulas, spoon rest, etc., etc. It's mounted on full-extension under-drawer slides made by Accu-ride.

We think it's about the coolest feature of the all-new kitchen. Everything you need at the stove is at your fingertips. Most of our everyday pots are hung on slide-out racks mounted below this drawer, so they're also within reach.

Don't even eat out much anymore, we enjoy cooking in our new kitchen so much!

Mike :cool:

Plus, of course, there's no money left. :eek:
travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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