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got these great links from my food writing, restaurant reviewing friend.....the one that actually gets off on eating offal.

Beef Cuts


The first is interactive and pretty whiz bang the second is more detailed....but still does not get into the various chunks at Restaurant Depot.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Cuts of Beef

That's a nice interactive diagram. It seems to cover a lot of the most popular cuts. There's a lot it leaves out however, like the chuck. There is a lot popular cuts it leaves out there.
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Other tasty beefy cheep cuts

Flatiron is fantastic, and I love hanger steak too. And, I know this thread seems to have died out a while ago, but I am new to cheftalk, and figured I would throw in my 2 cents anyway. While saying no to business is a really undesirable option, especially for those of us with small operations, you must keep your reputation in mind. Sometimes you might, if all other options are exhausted, politely decline. You absolutely do not want to damage your hard earned reputation because you were forced to serve something that you believe to be sub-standard. It is truly amazing. The dining public is pretty fickle. You can be doing great, everyone has nothing but wonderful things to say about your food. And, then one day, the wrong customer or the wrong guest at an event gets served a piece of meat that was less than good, and the snowball starts to roll. Remember...bad news travels really quickly...all it takes is one unhappy customer and you might be finished.
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