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making creme fraiche

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Hello everyone, I recently saw a recipe for making creme fraiche, mixing 1/8C buttermilk with 2C heavy cream and letting it sit out overnight to thicken. Has anyone ever heard about anything like this or done it? Im just wondering how it turns out and if its healthy to eat it after its sat out. The book said that the active culture in the buttermilk will thicken it to take place of the natural process. Thanks for viewing
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Yes it does work.
But make sure you have buttermilk with LIVE cultures.
The lactic acids in the milk products will keep it from spoiling overnight, or developing untoward bacteria, and the creme fraiche will have a shelf life of several days refrigerated.
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Yeah that's how we usually make crème fraîche. We even tried using organic yogurt once to provide the bacteria when we didn't have buttermilk, it actually worked quite well.
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Used to do it at a restaurant where I worked. It turns out quite well.
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it works. Its a psuedo creme fraiche but will do the job.
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